CHRIS 21 upgrade and enhancements

As part of the CHRIS 21 migration program, a number of enhancements were identified that will provide benefits to agencies, employees and Shared Services SA. Over the next six months, new functionality will be progressively delivered to enable the realisation of these benefits. Here is a summary of the upcoming enhancements.

CHRIS 21 version upgrade

Complying with new ATO third-party reporting requirements

Shared Services SA is in the process of finalising arrangements that will ensure client agencies are compliant with new Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements for third-party reporting.

The reporting obligations, Taxable payments annual report (payments and grants), seek detailed information from agencies about:

Let’s talk about tax

A review will commence shortly with the objective of implementing more standardised and quality business processes within Financial Operations and Reform across the two largest taxation areas, Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Following appropriate consultation with client agencies, the intention is to introduce a common, risk-based approach to taxation compliance sampling and reporting.

The Taxation Review will also implement recommendations from reports received from two external consultants in relation to GST and FBT, including:

CHRIS 21 Project migrations complete

CHRIS 21 Project migrations successfully completed

After three years of hard work, the final legacy CHRIS database was migrated to the new CHRIS 21 environment in May, marking the conclusion of the CHRIS 21 migration program.

All 30 existing CHRIS databases have now been successfully migrated to two standardised CHRIS 21 databases. The migration program involved 33 agencies and approximately 72,000 employees.

The CHRIS 21 Project has helped to create a simplified and standardised payroll environment across the SA Government, providing a strong foundation for future transformation of agency human resources functions.

Overpayment timeframes

Improved timeframes to recover overpayments

Shared Services SA has improved the processes for managing payroll overpayments, following the implementation of a new overpayments database solution last year.

Introduced in July 2016, the new overpayments solution and associated processes have reduced the average time taken to recover overpayments from 108 days to just 16.

Survey results

Satisfaction surveyed in Accounts Payable

Shared Services SA continues to provide a professional service to our customers.

Results from the recent annual Vendor Satisfaction Survey demonstrate that the professionalism of staff within Accounts Payable is viewed highly.

Close to 7,000 vendors who had invoiced the SA Government in the previous six months were surveyed to gauge satisfaction with Accounts Payable’s professionalism and timeliness, the MyInvoice website, and overall vendor satisfaction.

FBT Returns

Fringe Benefits Tax returns lodged electronically

Shared Services SA’s Financial Operations and Reform team has successfully lodged 20 Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) returns on time with the Australian Taxation Office for all of their client agencies.

This year FBT returns were lodged electronically for the first time.

This change in submission process is a tangible example of delivering the SA Government’s digital by default strategy.

Calendar image - 14 July

Payment summary distribution

It’s that time of year, and once again Payroll Services has finalised the last pays of the financial year to produce 2016‑17 payment summaries. All payment summaries will be distributed to employees prior to 14 July 2017.

Employees who have transitioned from CHRIS 5 to CHRIS 21 over the past financial year will receive two payment summaries via post.

Employees who transitioned to CHRIS 21 prior to the 2016-17 financial year and have access to HR21 Self-Service will have their payment summary made available online.

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