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Whole of Life Transfers

On 1 August 2018, the new CHRIS 21 Whole of Life Transfers functionality was implemented for Phase 1 agencies.  Phase 1 includes transfers between the Department of Treasury and Finance, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Attorney-General’s Department and the Department for Environment and Water, as well as Medical Officer transfers between Local Health Networks.

The Whole of Life Transfer process provides the following benefits:
  • The current employee number is retained when a person moves between SA Government agencies
  • Immediate transfer of leave balances and other payroll data to the new agency, without the need to complete New Starter paperwork
  • Significant reduction in processing time within Payroll Services and reduced risk of data entry errors; and
  • Non-payroll data can also be automatically transferred where appropriate (e.g. EEO details, licences, police clearances, etc.).

A post implementation review of Phase 1 is currently being undertaken based on the transfers completed to date.  The feedback received from employees, agency representatives and Payroll Services thus far has been positive.  It is expected that the Whole of Life Transfers functionality will be rolled-out across further agencies and additional employee types in SA Health during the first half of the 2019 calendar year.