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Purchase card transition complete

Shared Services SA has been assisting client agencies’ transition to an online purchase card expense management system (EMS) provided by ANZ.

A total of 18 agencies are now experiencing the benefits of a standardised purchase card expense acquittal and approval process.

Collectively, the solution has been rolled out to approximately 7,500 users, including 4,800 purchase card holders, who will process approximately 200,000 purchase card transactions each year.

Additionally, 11 of the 18 agencies have launched the associated mobile application to enable their card holders and approvers to acquit and approve transactions from mobile devices.

Shared Services SA continues to perform and monitor the automatic reconciliation of purchase card transactions to the associated general ledger accounts and support transitioned agencies with purchase card administration and managing EMS user access.

What’s next?

Currently, Shared Services SA uses an ANZ banking system called eManagement to manage purchase cards (e.g. order new cards, cancel existing cards, manage card limits, etc.). ANZ has recently announced that by June 2018, eManagement will be replaced by a new online system called Transactive.

Some of the features and benefits of Transactive include:

  • immediate changes to card limits, instead of overnight
  • online purchase card management forms and electronic workflows
  • improved reporting capabilities
  • ability to manage multiple agency purchase card billing accounts from one login rather than a separate login for each billing account.

Transactive is likely to change the way agencies request new purchase cards and make changes to existing purchase cards.

Shared Services SA will manage the transition as a separate project, engaging agencies once the scope of changes required is better understood.