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Minimisation of Paper Project

Over the last 12 months the Shared Services SA Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Financial Operations teams have introduced a range of initiatives to reduce their dependence on paper records.

The following table illustrates the difference a year has made in paper use and storage across the business.

This significant reduction has been achieved with the introduction of a number of processing changes including:

  • The adoption of Adobe Writer DC to enable the digital sign-off of various financial transaction reports and supporting documents; and
  • Changing the Masterpiece Financial System print jobs to produce PDF reports and direct these reports to designated file locations for staff access and review.

These initiatives have allowed the business to successfully cut its dependence on printing, scanning and archiving physical records. As a result, productivity has increased with staff embracing a more digital way of working. This has also meant that the move to Port Adelaide went ahead with minimal physical records needing to be taken to the new premises.

This outcome is a great achievement by the team and was delivered with minimal investment or business disruption.

The environmental benefits of the paper reduction are substantial as shown below: