Display of Accruing Leave Balances (Sick, Annual, Long Service and Retention Leave) in HR21 Self Service

Within the CHRIS 5 Kiosk, you can view your leave entitlements, pro-rata accrual and total balance. The accrual column within CHRIS 5 does not populate.

Within HR 21 Self Service, the accrual column will populate and therefore you may notice a split in the balance between the accrual and entitlement hours/days. Your total balance will not change.

The terms accrual and entitlement are often use interchangeably even though they are different. For instance:

‘Accrual’ is the amount of leave an employee accrues in a specified period (generally one month).  This is displayed in HR21 under the headings “Accrual Hours” and “Accrual Days”. For example, full time salaried employees will accrue 12.5 hours annual leave each month.

‘Entitlement’ is the total amount of accrued leave an employee is entitled to as at a particular date.  This is displayed in HR21 under the headings “Entitlement Hours’ and “Entitlement Days”.

‘Total Days/Hours’ is the sum of the Accrual and Entitlement values.

For most leave types employees can apply for leave up to their Total Days/Hours balance, however for some leave types (e.g. Long Service Leave) only Entitlement Days/Hours can be accessed.

Display of Leave on Pay Slips

Pay slip balances will clearly identify for employees the amount of leave available to be taken (subject to approval and any unprocessed leave bookings) for each leave type.

The following identifies the balances that will be shown on the pay slip (where applicable):

  • Annual Leave – Total Hours and Total Days
  • Long Service Leave – Entitlement Days (calendar)
  • Sick Leave – Total Hours
  • Retention Leave – Total Hours
  • Personal Leave – Total Hours
  • PDOs – Total Hours