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Retention leave payments processed

Since 1 July 2013, eligible public sector employees have been able to convert their retention leave accrual into a monetary amount.

Shared Services SA processes these payments each financial year by the nominated deadline of the employee’s last pay in September 2014.

It’s important to note that next financial year, the accrual available for conversion will increase from three to four days (pro rata for part time). 

A total of 1,415 applications were submitted this year by the 31 August deadline.

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What’s new in procurement?

If you are involved in designing projects, sourcing business solutions or purchasing goods and services within the public sector, you’ll need to be aware of the new requirements set to help support local businesses.
Guidelines issued by the Office Industry Advocate (OIA) and the State Procurement Board include a South Australian Industry Participation Policy, an Employment Contribution Test and  Single Source Procurement approvals that support: “State Government Agencies + Local Business = Partners in driving Economic Development”.
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Large Scale Contract Savings on Track

Simply by sharing management costs, SA Government is saving $10 on every $1 invested in across-government procurements.

A recent review shows savings have been achieved by the continued investment in large-scale contracts where agencies commonly use services such as electricity, gas, fuel and travel.

Currently managing 14 large-scale contracts, Shared Services SA is on track to deliver $20 million of savings to agencies this financial year.

Based on the current suite of contracts, establishment and management costs equate to less than 1% of the total contract spend.

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Tender Information in the Palm of your Hand

Did you know our suppliers can now look up new government tender information with their mobile phone? A new smartphone app that helps current and potential suppliers access tender information anywhere, anytime, has been developed.

The mobile app can be downloaded for IOS and Android devices and allows suppliers to view SA Tenders and Contracts information, perform searches and receive tender alerts.

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Case Management System Pilot

In future, when you contact Shared Services SA, you can be confident we will be better equipped to respond to your enquiry and deliver on our commitments. A new case management system allows us to log, monitor, report and follow-up on your enquiries, issues and requests. 

A one month pilot, using the case management system, has commenced in Accounts Payable helping us to achieve our commitment to providing a consistent, reliable and transparent level of customer service. Telephone, email and internet enquiries will be captured as the pilot progresses.

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4,000 Parental Leave Customers

The Shared Services SA Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave (CPPL) team has just processed pay for its 4,000th CPPL customer.

Implementation of the paid parental leave scheme within SA Government has been a complex process to develop and manage since its introduction in January 2011. This milestone is a great achievement reached with a minimal number of issues, helping mums and dads enjoy time with their newborn.

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Your Link in the Payment Chain

If you play a role in the procurement chain, you can help improve the timeliness of payments to suppliers by:

  • ensuring you code and approve invoices as soon as you receive the eProcurement system email alert, and
  • remembering to nominate a delegate in Basware when you go on leave.

Your timely actions along the invoice payment chain can make a big improvement on meeting the SA Government policy requiring invoice payment within 30 days.

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Invoice Scam Warning

Are you sure you are processing a genuine invoice? Several scam invoices have been received from agencies requesting payment for a directory listing.

SCAMwatch warns of an unauthorised advertising scam billing agencies for a listing or advertisement in a magazine, journal or business register/directory.

Be mindful that scam invoices can be lodged in multiple numbers and may have different recipients, order numbers and amounts and have been edited to look like invoices from genuine directory publishers. 

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