Proof the agile approach works

Shared Services SA has explored ways to simplify, standardise and automate a number of financial processes, through a recent trial of the Agile project methodology.

Four proof of concept initiatives were developed between August and October using this methodology, which involved bringing together a self-managing team (from across Shared Services SA) of subject matter experts who collectively had the skills to collaborate, design, build and test to deliver project outcomes incrementally.

This approach enabled the project teams to explore new ways of operating and assess the feasibility of the initiatives, with teams finding that these initiatives and concepts – which had seemingly insurmountable issues to be resolved and had not progressed previously – were now able to be broken down activity by activity.

The agile methodology provided participants the opportunity to pause and reflect on the initiatives’ objectives and focus on key matters, while the diversity of the project teams enabled quick determination of critical issues and ensuing solutions.

Following conclusion of the pilot, two of the projects Accounts Receivable Modernisation and Financial Account Reconciliations were assessed as technically and financially feasible and will be presented to the DPC Investment Committee for approval, with the intention of being implemented during the 2017 calendar year.