One year of transitions to CHRIS 21

More than 40,000 public sector employees across 28 different agencies are now being paid from CHRIS 21 Human Resource Management System on a fortnightly basis.

Since the first transition in December last year, 22 of 30 databases have now been successfully migrated to CHRIS 21.

A number of significant milestones have been achieved in the past couple of months, including the successful migration of the first Metropolitan Health sites – Child and Youth Health, Royal Adelaide Hospital and the Department for Health and Ageing.

The Pay Cycle Alignment program has also been finalised with approximately 25,000 employees experiencing a change in their pay fortnight and/or pay day. As a result, there is now a common pay fortnight and standard pay cycle models across all employees paid via CHRIS.

The CHRIS 21 project is providing significant ‘public value’, with some of the main benefits achieved to date including:

·        150,000 less manual timesheets received and processed per annum

·        128,000 less manual leave requests received and processed per annum

·        4,200 less physical payslips distributed per annum

·        Improved efficiency in Payroll Services through reduced manual intervention. 

In addition to the migration activities, the project has recently launched new versions of the HR Smart Forms utilised by a number of agencies for processing various HR transactions, such as position maintenance and contract extensions. The new versions incorporate feedback received from agencies with a focus on improved usability. 

The CHRIS 21 project’s momentum will continue into the new year, with a further 10 migrations scheduled to occur between December and May. In addition, during 2017 there will be an increased focus on activities for the transition of SA Police and TAFE SA from their separate payroll systems onto CHRIS 21, as well as plans for functional enhancements, including the rollout of a new automated Bonafide and Leave Return solution.

Additional information on the CHRIS 21 Project is available from the Shared Services SA website including: Rollout Schedule, Training Materials, the HR Smart Forms and Frequently Asked Questions.