Payslip distribution

When your payslip is available, you will be notified via email to access it within HR21 Self Service. Historical payslips from the old CHRIS 21 environment will not be accessible in HR21.You can however contact payroll to access your previous payslips if required.

Payment summaries

Your payment summary will be accessible via HR21 instead of a posted hard copy. Payment summaries issued from the old CHRIS21 environment will not be available in HR21.

You will receive two payment summaries for the 2016/17 financial year, one from the old CHRIS 21 environment and another from the new CHRIS 21 environment. The old CHRIS 21 environment payment summary will be posted to your home address (for the period immediately prior to the transition date) and the new CHRIS 21 payment summary will be available within HR21 (covering the remaining period after transition). You will receive a hard copy version of your new CHRIS 21 payment summary for 2016/2017 also.

Under Australian Tax Office Guidelines, should you elect to do so, you can receive a hard copy payment summary.

To continue receiving a hard copy payment summary email Payroll Services. Please ensure your email contains your full name and employee number to assist with processing.